Alsup's Quality Grocer

I hope that's the correct spelling of the name - I was instructed to name it so.

The etched glass is the first time I've tried this technique with very pleasing results.

Through the front window into a very inviting, warm interior.

A rather mixed window display - German soap, British gravy products, US canned milk - very cosmopolitan!

Plenty of stock to choose from (as long as you want canned fruit, veggies, milk, baking powder mainly!)

The left full height shelves. Plenty of pop bottles down below.

The right side behind the counter. A more varied choice over here with jars of pickled eggs, preserves, flour and more besides the canned veggies.

The back wall with a fine jumble of products. Goodness knows how Mr Alsup ever manages to find what the customer asks for!

The glass-fronted cheese counter (rather saggy shelf - heavy cheese, apparently).

The loose biscuits display. I well remember these in my youth (Woolworths had them too I believe). Choose your favourite and buy the amount you want. The broken ones were always cheaper though..

Custard Creams, Chocolate Fingers and Jammy Dodgers on the top row.

A cosy heater (probably stinking of parafin) right next to the customer's chair.

The pay and wrap corner.

More of the international flavours on offer.

My first attempt at making bottles with Lite Brite pegs. Perhaps if I hadn't made so many all at once I would think more fondly of them.

The Avery scales for the cheese. A generous portion of Stilton being purchased. Phewwwwwwwww.