This is a second hand/antique shop, named for my wonderful dog, Norbert. Gone but never forgotten. Everything is handmade, naturally.


The view through the stained glass door.

Suitably cluttered!

A little bit of everything one could need to furnish a home, from an upright piano to a croquet set. Or maybe a spinningwheel for the parlour, Madam?

Pictures for your walls, lamps, books and ornaments.....


From here on are the separate items I have made specially for this shop.  

I'm very pleased how this chest of drawers stained antique pine has turned out.


I've been itching to make an old school desk like this for ages. It closely resembles the ones I sat at in junior school. This shop has given me the excuse to make lots of things that won't fit in to an ordinary shop or room.


Another example of something I longed to make but had nowhere to put it.


A cork-topped Lloyd-loom bathroom clothes bin.


Tea, anyone?


The boxed set of croquet equipment. Would take 2 people to cart it about, I think.


A bedroom washstand which I would normally never get the chance to make as I don't fancy making a bedroom. Maybe I'll get the urge one day.


A kitchen table almost exactly like the one in my own real kitchen. With a coal box and a writing box.


The piano and stool. The stool opens and is full of music for the lucky customer.


A nice clear stained desk. I was very pleased at how this turned out. Perhaps the knobs are a little chunky though. Those top drawers are very small.


 Not too happy with this though.


A cricket set - stumps and bails, balls, bat and pads, in a faux leather holdall.



A pouffe and umbrella/walkingstick stand.


A side table with a gong (minus bonger) and some ornaments.


Mirrored hall stand.


Blanket box/ottoman with "bamboo" trim and a wine table.


Either a modern sideboard or the bottom half of a kitchen dresser (hutch).


Shelves with books and magazines for sale.


 A coffee table with a box of books to sit out on the pavement.


Please, take a seat.....


Copied from a xmas bag printie in a magazine. Shown WAY more than life size. It looks better real size!


 I hide this at the back of the shop on the side wall (hence the funny angle) to make it harder to see!


 I just love peel-offs!


 Whose family, I wonder?


Another one best hidden at the back!


 They get worse, not better!


 Very elegant ladies.


And a final one of the whole kit and caboodle.